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Origin:  london, uk


Genres:  melodic death metal


Years Active:  2009 - present


management: extreme management group 



Short Bio

Described by Metal Hammer as an ‘eclectic blend of melodic death metal, 21st-century metalcore and prog-tinged technicality’, Karybdis have been bringing their brutal live shows to audiences nationwide since 2009.

Their debut album ‘From The Depths’ (produced by the legendary Russ Russell) embraced a Gothenburg-tinged sound twinned by an unfaltering hardcore groove that elevated them to the upper echelons of the UK underground. Following a storming performance at UK Tech Fest 2013 the band began work on their sophomore release.

Produced by Death Metal producer extraordinaire Mark Lewis at Audio Hammer Studios, ‘Samsara’ saw the addition of guitarist Matthew Lowry; pushing the band to new heights. After stellar reviews and a string of mosh-inducing live performances, the band were invited to play Bloodstock in 2016 and decimated a packed out Sophie Lancaster stage.

Unflinching in the face of the current trends, the band continued to forge their own path with their new album, ‘In The Shadow Of Paradise’, released Nov 2018. Produced by the up and coming Pavel Daniels of CoreTone Studios, the record sees the band delve further into their uncompromising brand of melodic death metal with increased aggression and technical focus.

Their latest release to date, 'Order & chaos' seems the band embark on their first concept ep- 'order & chaos', released in december 2021 features live brass and string sections,  and a choir. production this time from the band's very own dave klussmann,


karybdis signed to extreme management group in early 2023.


...samsara is a revelation and Karybdis are the heroes we've been waiting for...'
- Metal Hammer (UK) -
'Samsara' - 8/10
The results are staggering. In short, there are moments of real genius here which slowly appear more and more with each listen.
- Metallum sub terra-
'in the shadow of paradise' - 9/10
One of the most promising bands to emerge from the UK metal scene in recent years, Karybdis have yet to receive the attention they deserve.
- Dom lawson -
'Like a bottle of vintage red wine, Karybdis only get better with age...'
- Metal Hammer (UK) -
'In The Shadow of paradise' - 8/10
Karybdis are masters at seemlessly blending tech-death, prog, metalcore, and thrash with melodeath. It’s an incredibly potent combination
- New Noise magazine-
'samsara' - 5/5 stars
'This is track after track of great, heavy, technical music...'
- Moshville times -
'samsara' - 7/10
They may still be causing rumbles in the UK’s metal underground, but karybdis demonstrated enough character and unity to grow from this performance and become a larger player in the UK alternative scene.
- distorted sound magazine -
live review - bloodstock 2016 (sophie stage) - 8/10

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Label: Independent


Management: extreme management group




PR: Independent |


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