'Like a bottle of vintage red wine, Karybdis only get better with age...'
- Metal Hammer (UK) -

The band's name is shared with a sea monster from Greek mythology which was said to be a spawner of whirlpools who together with Scylla created a smashing gauntlet of death from which few seafarers escaped. (KA-RIB-DIS)

Their debut album ‘From the Depths’ (produced by the legendary Russ Russell) embraced a Gothenburg-tinged sound, twinned by an unfaltering hardcore groove that elevated them to the upper echelons of the UK underground. Following a storming performance at UK Tech Fest 2013 the band began work on their sophomore release.

Produced by Death Metal producer extraordinaire, Mark Lewis at Audio Hammer Studios, ‘Samsara’ saw the addition of guitarist Matthew Lowry; pushing the band to new heights. After stellar reviews and a string of mosh-inducing live performances, the band were invited to play Bloodstock in 2016 and decimated a packed out Sophie Lancaster stage.

Unflinching in the face of the current trends, the band continued to forge their own path with their new album, ‘In the Shadow of Paradise’, released 02 Nov 2018. Produced by the up-and-coming Pavel Daniels of CoreTone Studios, the record sees the band delve further into their uncompromising brand of melodic death metal with increased aggression and technical focus.

Matt Lowry's blistering riffs, Rich O’Donnell's savage vocal performance and Jay Gladwin (bass) and Mitch McGugan's (drums) tight grooves make this Karydbis’ most impressive and ambitious release to date.

Lyrically, Rich focused the album on issues close to his heart: ‘The underlining lyrical content is based upon the abuse humanity has delivered to the planet, as well as the potential consequences if it were to continue. "I used each song to illustrate a scene that was grounded in everything from the personal, to dreamscapes, and the supernatural."

Following the amicable departure of founding member and guitarist, Pierre Dujardin, Karybdis began searching for a new guitarist to complete their lineup. After opening up auditions, they were contacted by long-time fan Pete Rogers, who impressed the band with his both his technical ability and his attitude towards the music. Tasked with learning a 45-minute set in just a few weeks, Pete and the guys went on to play a packed out album launch show at the Unicorn Camden on 21 Nov 2018.

Karybdis are currently booking shows across UK and Europe promoting their latest album and have begun working on their next release.



Rich O'Donnell

Drums + Violins



Matt lowry


pete rogers


jay gladwin